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KC Method by Kim Carruthers is a Pilates-based app to guide you to a fitter body and a healthier lifestyle. Kim offers real-world advice in all areas of nutrition and fitness. From Pilates-centered fitness routines, to delicious (and nutritious) recipes and guides, to the hottest gear, Kim Carruthers will faithfully serve as your virtual coach.

Pilates Programs & Workouts

Tone muscle, gain flexibility, and increase strength with my workouts and programs.
  • Kiss My Abs program
  • Kiss My Assets program
  • ​Straight Outta Pilates program
  • ​Ab workouts
  • Pilates for all levels
  • ​PLUS, new workouts every month!


Nutrition is key to staying healthy and getting the most out of your training. 
  • Tips and tactics 
  • ​Grocery list
  • ​Meal suggestions
  • ​Eating schedule 

All-access pass to premium features 

My app is one of the highest-rated on the App Store (and there’s a reason for that). 
  • Ask me questions in the app
  • Easy-to-follow videos
  • ​Download workouts for offline use
  • ​Stream workouts to your TV
  • ​Track your progress 
  • ​Collect health data
  • ​Share sweaty selfies to Instagram

Bonus benefits, just for you 

You get access to my programs and also the entire Playbook platform. 
  • Unlimited access to 150+ trainers
  • Hundreds of programs
  • ​Thousands of workouts
  • ​Nutrition and wellness guides
  • ​New workouts every day!
"I've been doing the Winter Soldier workout with Don Saladino, and pretending to be the Winter Soldier or Sebastian Stan has helped me push myself like never before. It's just so cool to know that I'm following along with the same workout my favorite actor does. I end the strenuous workout session thinking, "It's over already?" and "That was just so fun" and "I just feel right. My body just feels good." And this is coming from a couch potato who literally can't even do one pushup."
"It’s turned boring uninspired gym sessions into well thought out planned daily challenges that always keep me on my toes. The results are clearly visible after a fortnight, both in my flexibility, physique and levels of motivation. Especially check out Don Saladino. The man is a beast, pushing you to work harder than you think you can. Plus he’ll always take the time to personally answer your fitness related questions. Not bad for the price really."
"I love that all of Don's workouts can be done in a gym or at home. They can easily be adapted based on what equipment you have at home or even just using bodyweight. Guaranteed to feel the burn and break a sweat each time! All the exercises are explained very well and often incorporate balanced and stability too!"
Meet Kim Carruthers
Kim Carruthers is a certified celebrity Pilates instructor, lifestyle wellness coach, personal trainer, and holistic health specialist based in Los Angeles.

During her time as a professional dancer Kim became fascinated by the transformative power of the teachings by Joseph Pilates. In 1997, she became certified by The American Council On Exercise and in Pilates. Kim went on to become a personal Pilates instructor and lifestyle wellness coach to a diverse clientele in the Greater Los Angeles area.
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